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Wipe-O-Mat 1.0 E

Wipe-O-Mat removes selected tracks of playlists or complete playlists AND their corresponding tracks in the library playlist. An example: You want to get rid of the playlist (or just of selected tracks of this playlist) "Cha Cha Tunes From Moscow" and you even want to remove the tracks of this playlist in the library playlist: Use Wipe-O-Mat. And don't worry: Wipe-O-Mat will NOT delete the tracks on your hard drive. They are still there...

Wipe-O-Mat is 100% freeware and comes with no warrantees. It has been well tested (with over 4000 songs) and has shown no major problems. Results may vary.

Mac OS X 10.1.2 or better
Mac OS 9.2.2
iTunes 2.0.3

Using Wipe-O-Mat is very easy and much self-explaining. The dialogs will guide you thorugh the process. Just doubleclick on the program icon and follow the instructions.
I added a compiled version of the script to the disk image that you can use in the script menu of iTunes. Very handy .

The following languages are currently supported (the program will recognize the library playlist in these languages...):


If your language is not supported Wipe-O-Mat will ask you for the name of the library playlist. Give me an email message telling me which language you are using and what the name of the library playlist is in your language. I then will add support for your language. Thanks.

All Soft-O-Mat tools: © Martin Michel. The Soft-O-Mat HP: © Max Schirmer.
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