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Search-O-Mat 1.0 E

Search-O-Mat is a tiny tool to quickly search Google. Nothing more, nothing less.

Search-O-Mat is 100% freeware and comes with no warrantees. It has been well tested and has shown no major problems. Results may vary.

Mac OS X 10.1.3 or better

Use (Important!)
Get an API key. How? Register yourself at Google.

As Search-O-Mat is based on a very new technology from Google which is still a beta this is necessary.

Start Search-O-Mat, it will ask you for the API key. Enter it. You do not have to enter it in the future as Search-O-Mat will remember it for you. If you made a mistake entering it do not worry. Just choose the "Enter API key" menu item from the application menu.
Nevertheless an invalid API key (Search-O-Mat cannot check if you eneterd a valid API key) will result in getting no results when trying to search Google. So be concentrated when entering it :)

Right now Google allows registered users to process 1000 searches a day each containing a maximum of 10 keywords and returning up to 10 results. Therefore use Search-O-Mat for quick searches. And not for advanced searches.

To visit a website Search-O-Mat has found just choose the related menu item of the popup button which begins with "http://" or "ftp://". Search-O-Mat then will open the website in your default browser. Be sure that your internet connection is established.


The program was written in AppleScript using the AppleScript Studio for Mac OS X. So you can see, just after one or two months learning AppleScript, you can create native Mac OS X applications by using AppleScript and the free AppleScript Studio!

Please excuse my English, but I am not a native speaker. If someone wants to translate this documentation into real but less funny English, please contact me.

All Soft-O-Mat tools: © Martin Michel. The Soft-O-Mat HP: © Max Schirmer.
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