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Interchange-O-Mat 1.0 E

Ever ripped an audio CD, received the CD information automatically via CDDB and recognized that the info was all messed up? Like being the artist info the song name? Well, with Interchange-O-Mat this is not a problem anymore. Just select the specific tracks in iTunes, choose which info fields you want to interchange and it will do the time consuming job for you.

Interchange-O-Mat is 100% freeware and comes with no warrantees. It has been well tested and has shown no major problems. Results may vary.

Mac OS X 10.1.5 or better
iTunes 3

Use (Important!)
1. Select the specific tracks in iTunes:

2. Start the script and select which info fields you want to interchange:

3. Wait and you will finally see the results:

4. Enjoy:

Why is there no version for Mac OS 9?
a) I am not using Mac OS 9 anymore.
b) iTunes 3 is not available for Mac OS 9. iTunes 4 will not be either. You better switch soon :)
c) It is much easier to develop scripts for Mac OS X. I love easy living...

What does "Unchanged tracks" mean in the result panel?
Whenever the script fails to interchange the selected info fields of a track for any reason it will count that bad failure as an "Unchanged track". I know it is a cool feature :)

All Soft-O-Mat tools: © Martin Michel. The Soft-O-Mat HP: © Max Schirmer.
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