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max: not listening to music right now.

hugs and bugs: ultimate contact

So you've made it. You finally reached the last page of the intern... no the last page of the Soft-O-Mat corporation website. This last page will give you all information and addresses you might need to contact Soft-O-Mat.

If you find a bug in one of our tools: don't worry. You may keep it. But you can drop us a line with a detailed description how you found your new friend. Perhaps other users would like to have one, too.

a Martin Michel Max Schirmer
age a a
job @ SOM a a
Script Monkey, CEO Webdesign + Graphic Monkey
mail contact a a
martin@soft-o-mat.com max@soft-o-mat.com
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coffee, melon juice, asian food & girls, my new digital ixus v a girl, music, coffee, the döner sessions with my buddy brati
aahates a a
Long telephon calls supporting someone who knows nothing about his OS...
The weather in Germany... Apple, please hire me for a job in California!
The "click" sound of my stereo when it turns on every morning to wake me up. Get a sample here: click
aatop 5 on aaiTunes a a
01 Box Car Racer - There Is
02 Box Car Racer - Letters to God
03 Box Car Racer - And I
04 Box Car Racer - Cat Like Thief
05 Box Car Racer - Elevator
mp3 collection a a
28.18 GB (5236 MP3s)
some words... a a
Don't believe in what max says. He is evil ;-) Don't believe in the bs you see on TV...
Don't believe in your government...
Don't believe in god...
It's all fake, counterfeit, disposable crap.
sometimes aka a a
Busyman derZonk
proud owner of a a
G4 400 AGP w/:
896 MB RAM, 40 GB on 2 internal HDs, 20 GB on 1 external Firewire HD
Agfa SnapScan 1212u
HP DeskJet 930C
Freecom Portable Firewire (8/4/32)
Canon Digital Ixus V
G4 400 AGP w/:
640 MB RAM, 180 GB on 2 internal HDs, 120 GB on 1 external Firewire HD
internal ZIP
internal Sony 12/8/32
Sony DCR-PC120E
Kodak DC280 Zoom
TV card (WinTV Go PCI)
OkiPage 12i/n
a kick-ass technics stereo... it rocks :-) ... and clicks :-(

We want to thank the guys at Versiontracker for their kind support. Thank you.

All Soft-O-Mat tools: © Martin Michel. The Soft-O-Mat HP: © Max Schirmer.
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